Tell your story

An “About us” page is a great way to share about your company and mission. With Pages, you can create an unlimited amount of content pages like this one. You can even use Pages to create a simple blog.


Here are some examples of content you could have in your About page.

How did it all begin?

Why did you start this marketplace? Engage your early adopters and make them excited to join your marketplace by sharing your founding story.

What is your mission?

What do you want to achieve? How does your marketplace make the world a better place? The more you share, the more your users will be able to connect with you and your mission.

Who is your audience?

Who is your marketplace for? In the beginning, it’s a good idea to focus on building a great experience for a small group of early adopters. Tailor your content to their needs, and they will feel at home on your platform.

Who are you?

People who consider joining a marketplace want to know who’s behind it. Share the names and faces of your team to make yourself feel more approachable. See the example below.

Amelia Evans, Co-Founder & CEO

Amelia Evans

Co-Founder & CEO

Kyle Xiang, Co-Founder & COO

Kyle Xiang

Co-Founder & COO

Isabella Garcia, CTO

Isabella Garcia


Christian Walsh, Head of Customer Success

Christian Walsh

Head of Customer Success